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  • Your car's exhaust system is something that's easy enough to take for granted, but did you know that your exhaust system does more than just simply provide an exit route for engine gases? Believe it or not, your car's exhaust system plays an integral role in your vehicle's performance.

    When your exhaust system isn't properly maintained, you run the risk of not only exposing yourself to hazardous fumes, but also negatively impacting your engine. Even minor leaks in your exhaust system can result in unanticipated damage.

    We are the premier exhaust shop serving the Eastern Suburbs area since 1990. We are a family owned and operated business wi and it is our goal to meet all of your muffler repair or performance exhaust systems needs.

    Bring in your vehicle for a free estimate and allow us to impress you with our experience, service and expertise. On staff, we have the area's finest craftsmen, and we take pride in every installation. From simple to complex applications, we can do it all!

    We offer a lifetime warranty on our craftsmanship. We only want 100% satisfied customers!

    Performance Exhaust
    If you have a high-performance car, you want a high-performance exhaust system. After all, a conventional exhaust system may be too restrictive, choking off horsepower you paid for when you bought your car. Plus, a conventional exhaust just doesn’t sound as cool.

    We have access to most brands of performance exhaust. Combined with over 20 years of installation expertise, you can be sure you’ll get the performance you want with the look and sound you'll love.

    Why go with just any muffler when you can get an exhaust system that keeps the performance in your performance car? Ask us local for more information.

    Our Warranty
    Our warranty provides the consumer with the peace-of-mind that they have come to expect from us from years of business. Our highly experienced staff also provides on-going back-up support and assistance to help ensure your vehicle runs well and has the proper sound.
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